This quiz website is provided by Ride Illinois, a statewide non-profit organization, as a convenient, interactive way for bicyclists and motorists to learn more about safely sharing our roads. The Secretary of State is one of our project partners.

The Motorist quiz has 27 multiple-choice questions divided into Bronze (14 questions), Silver (7), and Gold (6) levels. The questions cover on-the-road situations, techniques, common mistakes, and relevant laws when sharing the road with bicycles.

You'll likely find many questions challenging. That's OK!  The feedback provided to your answers is meant to be the teaching method.  We will re-ask those questions you miss - you get up to three chances to correctly answer each question.  Once you answer each question in one level correctly, you may move up to the next level. The highest priority questions are in Bronze but see if you can get the Gold!

You may print or e-mail a "certificate of completion" if you successfully complete at least one level.  If needed, you may "Exit Quiz". 

You're invited to also try the Adult Bicyclist quiz later, to better understand laws and skills applicable to cyclists.

Good luck!    (Project background, motivation, and credits here.)